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Control Room High Performance HMI

July 13, 2021
Control Room High Performance HMI

Ian Nimmo discusses control room high-performance HMI. Most people only use HMI, resulting in over-using colors, glaring screens, and information being displayed incorrectly. Our retention is focused on how an operator detects a…

Abnormal Situation Management

June 18, 2021
Abnormal Situation Management

Ian Nimmo discusses Abnormal Situation Management. From a production perspective, how do we keep processes within normal operating limits and how do we determine normal operations? Abnormal situation management is when a process…

Join us July 13th in Houston Texas

June 3, 2021

On July 13th, Chris, Steve W., and I will be hosting a 1-day event in Houston, Texas. There, we will provide a tour of the latest control room furniture options, demoing sit-stand features and a…

6 Step to Achieve High Performance Control Room

May 23, 2021
6 Step to Achieve High Performance Control Room

  Image 1 This is a 6 Step methodology where each step, starting with number 1, feeds into number 2, and so on. After each of the 5 steps are complete, all the…

Staffing Studies

May 17, 2021
Staffing Studies

Ian Nimmo discusses how workload staffing studies are becoming increasingly important in the industry and looks at the economics of business models post COVID. In the past, time and motion studies were used…

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