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Control Room Operators – The Ugly Step Children

March 5, 2017

It’s true, operators are treated like ugly step children and the sad fact is they are the eyes, ears, and puppet masters of the process. There must be a good reason we have…

Join us at the Lin & Associates 2017 Workshop

February 16, 2017

Ian Nimmo will be presenting: The Enemy Within Lurking within our control rooms is a demon, who strikes at the worst possible time in the life of a control room. During the early…

How to Get Management to Fund Your Alarm Management Efforts

December 29, 2016

Most of my clients have already implemented some form of alarm improvement process, from low hanging fruit nuisance alarm reduction to full blown alarm rationalization and documentation. For most, their efforts reflect the…

Alarm Management and Operator Intervention

October 1, 2016

(A Safety Layer with Too Many Holes) I’m sure you have heard of Independent Safety Layers, alarm management and operator intervention being one of them. Operators are the fist line of defense when alarms…

How Many Operators Do You Need?

September 29, 2016

To assess the ability to reduce or increase staffing levels, the facility must take an honest look at the quality of the workforce. How are console operators chosen? The move to a dedicated…

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