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Control Rooms, Displays and Screens (should be an integrated design)

September 10, 2020

So, what do operator do? Ultimately, an operator’s job is to optimize the process, maintain product quality, intervene when needed, ensure safety and production goals are met, while complying with regulatory requirements. We…

Shift Handover / Turnover is Still a Major Issue in our Industry…

September 3, 2020

Achieving operational excellence is the ultimate objective, this is a moving target, but we can get close if we can change the culture! To do that you have to focus on the workers.…

Gaps in Conduct of Operations

August 27, 2020

To help operators respond to alarms and manage abnormal situations quickly and correctly, they have to be vigilant, competent, responsible, and predictive. We must identify the gaps in operational standards and behaviors and…

Process Operations is in Need of New Operating Standards and Management Systems – Your Best People are Looking to Retire or Switch to Another Company

August 20, 2020

Safety, Reliability, quality, and profitability goals are driven by upper management, they want to lower operating costs, increase profit, and focus on safety – so they’ve made large investments in automation to achieve…

Abnormal Situations in the Control Room

August 17, 2020

President of UCDS Ian Nimmo explains abnormal situation management. From a production perspective, how do we keep processes within normal operating limits? Abnormal situation management is when a process begins to function outside…

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