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Let us work on your behalf

We don’t just design the control rooms – we protect your investment and ensure the build-out does not deviate from standards and best practices.

In order to ensure that your project is carried out with the shared vision set forth in the conceptual and detailed designs of your control room, we offer a valuable option to represent you “the Owner” during the Architectural Construction Document generation and Construction phases of your project.

We have found that many of our clients do not have the time or resources to ensure the design intent established in the UCDS design reports are successfully implemented. In many cases the vision and decisions that were made with our guidance get lost in translation if we do not stay involved. We have seen this happen all too often when hiring an Architect or Engineering Procurement company for construction. The overall vision can be lost, abandoned, and the answers to all the tough questions already asked can easily fall through the cracks.

We believe that UCDS is unique in its ability to be able to provide the client with a team that is not focused purely on the architectural design, but is fully grounded in the human factors, principles and best practices employed in the successful design of state of the art control rooms. This can be seen in the depth and breadth of our teams’ knowledge and experience, and in the many successful control room projects in which we have played a major role.

This service provides support and guidance throughout the build. Essentially UCDS will be the eyes and ears for the Owner during the next phases of design and construction… all the way to ribbon cutting and move in.

Specifically, UCDS will perform the following:

  • Assist with the selection and review potential Architects and Engineers
  • Quality Assurance review and commentary of the Architect’s and Engineer’s drawings and specifications during the design phase
  • Review Architect’s compliance with client-specific Engineering Guidelines and Standards (EGS)
  • Review and commentary of Architect’s and Engineer’s compliance with all services previously provided by UCDS
  • Be “on-call” to advise the Owner and Architect during the construction document phase as it relates to Industry Best Practices and Industry Standards/Regulations
  • Attend key meetings with the Architects and Engineers during the design iterative process (e.g. 60%, 90% 100% Design Review)
  • Negotiate with authorities having jurisdiction on items that require some concession or more specific review (e.g. Code-mandated fire protection requirements relief)
  • Review and commentary of product information and shop drawings during the construction phase
  • Review General Contractor and Architect reviewed applications for payment during construction
  • Perform periodic site observations and reporting during construction
  • Review change orders and requests for information during construction

A detailed quote for these services can be provided after the completion of UCDS’s standard services.

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