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We have written approximately 50 documents that deal with a variety of issues in the control room. Our documents are available on a per request basis. Simply find the document you want in the list, let us know which one you would like, and we will send it to you. Use the form to make your request. We do not use an automated process to deliver documents anymore. You will receive an email from someone on our staff with the requested documents within 24 hours.

Alarm Management Documents

Documents - Alarm Management
The following documents are available.

* Alarms Graphic Projects
A longer and more detailed version of the Alarm Overload paper - written by Ian Nimmo. Paper discussing the benefits of Alarm Management and Graphics Projects i.e., focusing on life-cycle characteristics and transitioning to maintaining good alarm management practices, and best practices design methodology on how to approach graphics development.

Control Room Documents

Documents - Control Rooms
The following documents are available.

* Control Room Projects
Since the early 1970’s, process industries have been faced with an alarming number of incidents causing undesired effects ranging from reduced profits to loss of lives. Industry began doing studies into the causes of these incidents and found that human factors had a significant impact.

* Cost Estimate of a New Control Room
We have to improve the work environment if we want operators to be effective. We often get asked, "How much does a new state of the art control room cost? We need an estimate for budgeting." So how much does a new control room cost? Well you have to consider every phase of the project from project conception to ribbon cutting.

High Performance HMI Documents

Documents - High Performance HMI
The following documents are available.

* The High Performance HMI (What is it?)
The industry today is in a state of confusion regarding Basic Process Control Systems (BPCS) Human Machine Interface (HMI). The industry has about 40 years’ experience with Man or Human Machine Interfaces in one form or another.

With the evolution of the BPCS’s the Man/Human Machine Interface (HMI) has evolved over a period of 50 years and has transitioned from physical lights, switches and annunciators panels with analogue gauges and trend displays to electronic simulations and finally to Computer Interfaces.

* Best Practices in HP HMI Design
Having a solid foundation to build on is extremely important, and
having an enforced policy that ensures compliance is just as

Situation Awareness Documents

Documents - Situational Awareness
The following documents are available.

* Abnormal Situation Management - The Need for Good Situation Awareness
A paper presented by Ian Nimmo, September of 2004, at the symposium “Advances in Process Control 7.” The paper discusses strategies to help operators maintain a high level of situational awareness i.e., an accurate perception of the current condition of the process and equipment, and accurate understanding of the meaning of key performance indicators.

* Situation Critical
Written by Ian Nimmo, published in Hydrocarbon Engineering - December 2006. Article discusses organizational accidents and abnormal situation management.

* Adequately Address Abnormal Operations
Written by Ian Nimmo, Effective Operations Practices describes a complete framework to improve a company’s preparedness for abnormal situations. Each of the seven practice categories is represented by 5-11 best practices or “guidelines” which are prioritized to assist companies as they move from basic to more advanced practices.


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