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Conduct of Field Operations and Operator Discipline System

Field operators and field operations in general have their own culture, which can be disconnected from the control room and production goals. It’s important to ensure that field operations is aligned and in sync with operational demands. Operator’s require a formalized system with documented standards to ensure operational tasks are carried out in the best, safest, and most effective manner possible. This system will ensure all operational tasks are performed correctly with a high level of operational discipline consistent with the organization's risk tolerance.

We continue to see major gaps in the control room, the field, and the maintenance management systems. We often see variances in performance between workers and poor procedure discipline. Shift handover practice is still a major contributor to fatal incidents. Conduct of Operations & Operational Discipline is a system of improving human performance to ensure that every operational task is performed correctly, every time, even when nobody is watching. It is important to identify the gaps in all operational tasks to identify threats and weaknesses in operations. A Conduct of Operations and Operational Discipline system will change the culture, with an end goal to achieve Operator Excellence in the control room and the field.

Product Description

This is an assessment of conduct of field operations management systems, standards and the operational discipline of front line supervisors, field operators and their interface with support groups.

This product provides the customer with an honest, detailed evaluation of the status of field conduct of operations and operational discipline, and an accurate identification of all factors that are limiting field operational performance.

The data from the assessment is used by the customer to develop a risk based Conduct of Operations and Operational Discipline Improvement Strategy, based on the factors that must be improved, using the data from the assessment.

The conduct of operations and operational discipline field assessment is important because it provides a means to identify, quantify, and eliminate the factors that are limiting plant field operations performance. Its focus is on management systems, operational standards and the performance of front line supervisors, field operators and the interface with control room operators. Eliminating the gaps will improve and sustain safety, reliability, product quality and profitability of the clients production operations.

Assessment Process

The assessment process consists of the following phases:

Problem Identification

This is one-day problem identification meeting with plant management. It also includes a plant tour of field and control room operations. This is a very important meeting in that the assessment is based on the perceived problems the customer wants to solve.

This meeting is also used to engage the plant management team in the assessment process and developing solutions to solving the problem.

Planning and Scheduling the Assessment

This is a one-day meeting with the customer’s project manager to develop a data collection plan for the assessment. The plan will include:

  • Elements to be assessed
  • Employees to be interviewed
  • Documents to be reviewed
  • Operations to be observed
  • Discussions with support groups

This meeting will result in a Data Collection Plan for the assessment and by in of the plant leadership team.

Assessment Elements:


  • Strategic Direction
  • Organization Structure
  • Reporting Relationships
  • Workforce Demographics
  • Daily Management Meetings


  • Process Safety Management
  • Personal Safety Management
  • Behavior Based Safety Management

General Activities:

  • Shift Routines and Operating Practices
  • Field Activities
  • Control Room Activities


  • Notifications
  • Communication Oral
  • Communications Written
  • Communications Electronic


  • Front Line Supervisor Job Profiles
  • Process Controller Job Profiles
  • Field Operator Job Profiles
  • Hiring and Selection Management System
  • Training Management System
  • Performance Management System
  • Performance Support Systems
  • Support Group Interface

COO Site Standards (documents)

  • Lock out and Tag out
  • Independent Verifications
  • Log Keeping
  • Turnover and Assumption of Responsibilities
  • Control of Interrelated Processes
  • Required Readings
  • Timely Order to Operators
  • Operating Procedures
  • Operator Aids
  • Component Labeling

Operational Discipline Tasks/Behaviors:

  • Discipline Shift Change
  • Disciplined Operator Rounds
  • Equipment Care and Condition Monitoring
  • Adequate Communications
  • Field Time

Current Culture

  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Behavioral Norms

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