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An unseen problem in the control room is a danger for your entire operation.

Preliminary Topics:

  • What is High Performance in a control room mean
  • 6-step method for Operational Excellence from an operator’s point of view
  • Kuraray – lessons learned from a Control room re-design, High Performance graphics, and Alarm Management
  • Altius – taking High Performance Display from concept to reality
  • Alarm Management: What are the latest advancements in 3rd party software for nuisance alarm reduction and rationalization
  • Operator Staffing: Measuring workload to staff the CCR and the Field for both Normal and Abnormal conditions
  • Abnormal situations – managing and preventing incidents – how do you develop a Conduct of Operations and Operator Discipline program
  • Getting what you need from the plant manager and aligning leadership with the understanding that the control room and the people within it rely on management systems that must be best in class if you want to see an improvement in production.

"Need more from your process? Invest in your people!"

By Stephen Maddox, Business Development Manager, UCDS

"It's been studied and reported that companies’ operating costs are increasing. Many would believe that the majority of operating costs come from maintenance, utilities and equipment management. But 82% of the money goes to payroll: the workers. Yep, you heard that right. The people are the highest operating cost. Of course they're a critical component, but—are they really that important?..."

We provide a complete Operator Centered Situation Awareness Control Room Methodology.

Starting with a workload / operator staffing assessment - ensuring operators can respond to critical alarms in a timely effective manner, then developing an alarm management standard, next designing an operator user interface (displays) and screen design layout to enhance situation awareness, then designing a console specification, and last we integrate everything into the design of the control room.

Situation Awareness is an Operator Requirement – it is achieved when you integrate all 6 of the following phases into an Integrated Human Factors Solution:

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Customer Testimonial

"Ian has consulted for us in the area of alarm management, central control room design, process control management and operator workload assessments. He is without doubt one of the world's experts in the above fields and has assisted us implementing leading edge techniques with definite business outcomes."

— Angelo, Senior Process Control Engineer, BHP Australia Worsley Alumina

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