Ian Nimmo: High Performance Operator Displays for ISA Pulp and Paper

On April 2nd at 10:00 central time, Ian is going to present on High-Performance Operator Displays for ISA Pulp and Paper.

High-Performance Displays: We design operator displays for situation awareness based on prioritized events that require operator attention using a Level 1 through 4 hierarchy. Operator displays must be designed using human factors rules and guidelines per ISA 101. Process upset prevention can be managed from the control room if your displays are designed using analog objects, strict color restrictions, and a situational awareness methodology. Displays affect the screen size, layout, number of screens required, and screen placement and will impact the size and design of the operator consoles which will impact the design of the control room.


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Meeting ID: 239 190 035 142
Passcode: xkrPyx