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User Centered Design Services personnel have decades of experience in best practices and international standards. We implement industrial standards and best practices in each of the following projects:

  • Control Room Design
  • Console Design
  • HMI Design
  • Gap Assessments
  • Alarm Management
  • Pipeline CRM
  • Staffing Assessments
  • Operator Training Development
  • And more...

Whatever your need, we apply the appropriate industry best practices, regulatory information, and industry guidelines to provide world-class solutions.

First-Hand Best Practices Development

User Centered Design Services has first-hand development experience and has been involved in developing the following Standards and Regulations:

  • UK HSE

Proven Experience

User Centered Design Services has proven International Standard ISO 11064 experience in applying various standards, guidelines, and recommended practices in the following areas:

Control Room Design/Ergonomics:

  • ISO 11064 – Ergonomic Design of Control Centers (standard)
  • ISO 9241 – Multipart Ergonomic Design Standard for Consoles, HMIs, etc. (standard)
  • API 1168 – Pipeline Control Room Management (recommended practice)

Alarm Management:

  • ASM Consortium Effective Alarm Management Guidelines (guideline)
  • ISA 18.2 – Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries (standard)
  • IEC 62682 - Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries (standard)
  • EEMUA 191 – Alarm Systems – A Guide to Design Management and Procurement (guideline)
  • API 1167 – Recommended Practice for Alarm Management (recommended practice)
  • NPD YA-711 – Principles for Alarm System Design (standard)
  • IEC 62682 - Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries (standard)


  • ASM Consortium Effective Human Machine Interface Guidelines (guideline)
  • ISA 101 – Human Machine Interfaces for Process Automation Systems (future standard)
  • API 1165 – Recommended Practice for Pipeline SCADA Displays (recommended practice)
  • NUREG 700 – Human-System Interface Design Review Guidelines (guideline)
  • EEMUA 201 - Process Plant Control Desks Utilizing Human-Computer Interfaces: A Guide to Design, Operational and Human-Computer Interface Issues (guideline)


  • ISA 84 – Safety Instrumented Systems (standard)
  • IEC 61511 – Functional Safety – Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industry Sector (standard)
  • IEC 61508 - Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-Related Systems (standard)
  • ISA 88 – Batch Control (standard)
  • API 754 - Process Safety Performance Indicators for the Refining and Petrochemical Industries (recommended practice)
  • API 755 - Fatigue Risk Management Systems for Personnel in the Refining and Petrochemical Industries (recommended practice)

UCDS is ready to bring our extensive expertise to your site to help determine the needs of your facility, the scope of your project, the best way to integrate Best Practice solutions, and the most cost-effective solution.

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