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The Value of Alarm Management

April 12, 2023

Automation Projects, Challenges, and How the Operator Became Alarmed: In the photo you can see Ian Nimmo standing with a Polyester Fiber Bale dating back to the 80’s when this young engineer faced…

Featured on Getting to the Crux of It Podcast

June 6, 2022

Getting to the Crux of It Podcast features Ian Nimmo and Chris Heil from My Control Room. My Control Room is an industry leader in control room design, with a focus on Situation…

Workshop Coming Up in Prescott, AZ

March 9, 2022


Control Room Evolution

March 3, 2022

It never ceases to amaze me when I walk into a control room and see environmental conditions that are contributing to poor operator situation awareness. A vast majority of our present-day control working…

Field Operations With Ian Nimmo

December 13, 2021
Field Operations With Ian Nimmo

Field operations is about making sure people do things correctly the first time. We look at the quality of what the operator does, what activities they do, how they work as a team.…

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