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Learn Alarm Management through our self-guided online workshop. Understand the standard UCDS Alarm Management training protocols.

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Alarm Management Life-Cycle Model

User Centered Design Services is pleased to offer our workshop (tutorial) in an online format. This is a self-guided training course designed to take your team through the standard UCDS Alarm Management training protocols.

Alarm Management is an operator requirement. The Milford Haven and Texas City Refinery incidents are just two of the reasons why proper operator response is critical to your organization.


  • Video Based training by Ian Nimmo the worlds most recognized expert on alarm management and 2020 control process automation hall of fame inductee.
  • Each section includes a progress self test
  • Completion of this course with a 80% or higher score will provide your users a certificate of completion
  • Group based (minimum of 10 people can be registered for this course)

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Situation Awareness in the control room can only be achieved when the operator support systems, like the alarm system, successfully guides the operator to the appropriate response during normal and abnormal operations. This is a safety issue. Alarms must be prioritized, manageable during abnormal situations, and provide the operator with adequate time to manage the problem.

If you have alarms that do not require action your alarm system may not be working the way it should. Operations personnel, shift supervisors, operators, and DCS engineering professionals should all understand the ISA 18.2 alarm management lifecycle and work together to develop a High-Performance Alarm Management System.


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