Learn to manage extensive new regulations, recommendations, and requirements surrounding staffing levels, staffing arrangements and job duties in a production facility, as well as overall Best Practices in Management of Organizational Change (MOOC). UCDS will come to your site to conduct a three-day workshop to review Management of Organizational Change Best Practices with key personnel. This is an excellent tool for creating awareness within your organization, since many sites do not fully understand the  potential impacts that changes in staffing levels, staffing arrangements, and job duties can have on an organization. Nor do they understand that current Best Practices and, in some regions, regulations, require a formal Management of Organizational Change process. The workshop covers the following topics:
  • What is MOOC
  • Industry regulations and best practices
  • What triggers a MOOC
  • Who comprises a MOOC team
  • UCDS MOOC methodology
  • Case studies from client facility
For additional information, or to book a workshop, contact us at sales@mycontrolroom.com