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More of UCDS is Coming!

Another new month, I can’t keep up!

We had a great time at Sedona, AZ at our AGM and planning for next year.  Melinda, husband and three girls joined us for an evening.  The twins dominated. So cute.

I have had a busy month with a visit to Sweeny, Texas for a High Performance HMI workshop.  I was recently in Hawaii working on Alarm Management for the local electric company.  We are looking into Transmission and Distribution alarm problems.

The weather in Hawaii was very nice, and I got to stay at the Hilton Hawaii Village.  My daughter was very jealous, so I sent her lots of photos. No sign of the Hawaii 50 stars or I would really have been in the dog house.

We are heading for the end of the year; we have had an incredible year with broken records all around, more control rooms, HMI, Workload Studies, etc.  We hired another new team member, Christi, who started this week.  UCDS is anticipating another incredible year.

Next year, we are launching a new program with additional services and complete solutions.  We are prepared to be the go to company for control room advice.

I am also putting some samples together of Best Practices in Shift Change, Fatigue and Shift Work and Operations Excellence.  We are doing a major upgrade to our website and our marketing arm.

We have a goal to double our work in Europe and Australia next year, we are focusing our attention on operations excellence.

UCDS would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers and friends a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.