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Achieving Excellence In Operations

Requires Operator Support… Many organizations have appointed a leader to initiate an excellence philosophy for operations and the first thing they discover, improving operations is a major challenge for most managers. Indeed, multiple pressures – competition, more stringent regulation as well as investor and stakeholder expectations – are driving leaders to focus heavily on improving…

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New IEC 62682 Webinar

EC 62682 View Webinar Here             US national standard has been a recommended practice for a long time now, but the new IEC 62682 specifically calls out management letting them know this is an international standard not a recommend practice. We can help, our customers are achieving the EEMUA 191 alarm…

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Alarms Revisited: The New IEC 62682 Standard

Many are still struggling to achieve the EEMUA 191 alarm rates (1 alarm per 10 minutes per operator) because they have not embraced the new international IEC 62682 standard. This international standard is a reflection of the ISA 18.2 US national standard, for alarm management. What does this mean to you? How can you ensure…

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