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Alarm Management Documents

Documents – Alarm Management
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* Alarms Graphic Projects
A longer and more detailed version of the Alarm Overload paper – written by Ian Nimmo.  Paper discussing the benefits of Alarm Management and Graphics Projects i.e., focusing on life-cycle characteristics and transitioning to maintaining good alarm management practices, and best practices design methodology on how to approach graphics development.

* Human Factors in Alarm Management
Written by Ian Nimmo, published in CEP magazine – November 2002.  Article discusses implementing procedures to consider human factors, not simply human error, in control room architecture and reducing the chance of incidents in plants.)

* Lessons learned from a disaster paper
Written by Ian Nimmo and John Moscatelli.  Paper reflects on how learning from past experience has helped improve alarm managment systems.

* Growing Old Together
Written by Ian Nimmo, published in Hydrocarbon Engineering – January 2005. Article discusses refurbishment projects and best methodologies and standards for making the changes such as Study of Management Systems, i.e., people and performance systems; Ergonomic Design of Operating desks or Consoles; Human Computer Interface, Alarm Management, and Design of Control Rooms.

* Organizational Accidents and Abnormal Situation Management

* Rescue Your Plant from Alarm Overload
An article published in Chemical Processing by Ian Nimmo, January 2005.  Discusses why most Distributed Control Systems (DCS) have more standing alarms than necessary, and how to resolve this problem. Find out how to rescue your plant from alarm overload utilizing guidelines on personnel responsibility and benchmarking system performance.