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What is fatigue? Well we all understand it a little bit. We know that if we stay up late, we feel fatigued when we go to work the next morning. But is it more than that? Well yes, it can be. Some people may go to bed early and get “enough” sleep, but they’re not getting the quality of sleep they need. What about dietary issues? Those are also part of dealing with fatigue.

There are a lot of things that play into fatigue issues. We have a booklet on fatigue which we give to all of our customers. We also have a workshop that helps train and educate. It’s a one-day workshop where we come in and basically help you understand everything you need to know about a fatigue and risk-management plan. We show you how to write one, how to provide some of the counter-measures, and how to put together an “Hours of Service” plan. We can also introduce the calculations to show you what risk your actual system is exposing your people and your company to.

UCDS can help you eliminate problems due to fatigue

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