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UCDS announced a joint partnership with EnerSys and Doug Rothenberg to provide a complete solution to cover all areas of the PHMSA/CRM.  The partnership provides a one stop shop for a complete Pipeline Solution for control system, alarm management, High Performance HMI and SCADA Controls and Ergonomically Designed Control Meeting ISO 11064 Standards and the new Human Factor requirements including Fatigue Countermeasures, Staffing Analysis for workload and Management of Organizational Change.

We will be kicking-off our first solution in Houston next week and we will build a state of the art SCADA solution set for High Performance HMI that will allow customers to comply with the new standards.  The solution will come with Philosophy, Style Guide, Object Library and the solution set which will speed up projects and improve operator performance.

Last month, I gave the keynote address at the Curvaceous TAP conference user’s forum and was delighted to hear how many customers are using that unique software to not only address alarm management but to better understand process stewardship and identifying how to always make the best product and remove variability in production.  Dave was a speaker at the NPRA Phoenix Symposium on why we need to change the way we create HMI’s and why the DCS must change.

I will be returning to St. Croix soon and look forward to catching up with some old friends on the Island.  Dave has to stay home and work on other projects this time.  I will be keeping the airlines busy this month.  Dave and I also had a pleasant drive between Atlanta and Birmingham last week to spend some time with a client.

With today’s hard economy, customers are turning to UCDS Inc. for solutions to address workload and Management of Organizational Change as the industry embraces the challenges of the world economy.  It is not all bad.  We often find that most companies have the right number of people but not all doing the right things.  Some are overloaded and many under-loaded and doing boring tasks. We can enhance their jobs and provide a safer and more pleasant work environment for employees.

Our whole focus over the last few years has been eliminating Abnormal Situations and improving operator performance.  Our services are all focused on these two main items, but the payback for customers is great.  Our solutions are improving productivity, increasing reliability, and removing variability, hence, improving quality.  With many capital projects being put on long-term hold, many companies are looking at how they can reduce their fixed costs and we have proven techniques that take the risk out of investment.

I am currently offering a 10% NPRA special discount on HMI workshops and Style Guide and advice on how to build today’s schematics that will be compliant with International Standards and the proposed ISA SP 101 HMI Lifecycle.  Both Dave and I have been enjoying the process of developing this standard and working with other knowledgeable leaders in the industry under the leadership of our good friend Maurice Wilkins.

We are starting to see more regulations and guidelines in the design of control rooms and operator console furniture.  We are creating more workshops and providing early guidance at the beginning of projects to help project leaders understand the issues and the implications of an OSHA Ergonomic Standard that could potentially impact budgets and in some cases make customers redo poor designs.

UCDS has an extensive experience in automation and control and we will make our experience available to customers to cover a broader range of services.  We have experience in material handling, robotics, AGV, weighing and labeling systems and batch control.  We have a project manager available for immediate contract, with extensive refining experience as an operations manager.

We look forward to working with you, helping you reduce costs; improve safety and environmental impacts as we make your business successful.  Our charter is to improve plant operations and achieve excellence while addressing the needs of the users, your operators.  We have always shown sensitivity to their requirements and making their jobs better, safer and more enjoyable.