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I just got back from a very busy trip to Texas and Louisiana, both were very hot!  It is good to get back to Arizona for some nice dry heat.  🙂
I meet up with a young, old friend in Shreveport, LA and had a good time as we checked out a new job.  We had a nice steak dinner the night before the meeting catching up on old times and talking guitars all night.  Doesn’t Chris look great in a florescent orange smock?

This has been a very busy month working hard on PHMSA Solutions for the Pipeline Industry.  Our work with ISO 11064 Ergonomic Design of Control Rooms is perfect for addressing the CRM regulations and the API RP 1168 Pipe Line Control Room Management CRM.

Doug Rothenberg and I have been working on a new audit methodology and individual solutions to help our customers meet compliance with the regulation.

We have solid solutions for the HMI requirements using my High Performance HMI approach, that meets exceeds all the requirements under API RP 1165 Recommended practice for Pipeline SCADA Displays and Doug’s extensive knowledge of Alarm Management EEMUA191 and the API RP 1167 Pipeline Alarm Management recommended practices.

We are also working on a detailed workshop together Jack Pankoff of Production Excellence, Inc. please watch for further information.  It will be a very comprehensive and practical workshop.

This last month has been an opportunity to update some additional operator work loadings for customers. With a new focus on operator workload in the PHMSA rule – Monitor the content and volume of controller activities [controller loading] to ensure that they have sufficient time to analyze and react to incoming alarms annually but not exceeding 15 months.

We are receiving a lot of enquiries about control rooms again, especially in the Energy sector.  We seem to have a constant flow, I guess one day we will have upgraded them all and then it will be time to start again.  Well, that is what consultants wish for. LOL

I have a busy travel schedule coming up; I will be in San Francisco in the Bay Area, then San Diego and Houston.  After this the real travel starts I will be back in Norway for a week and then going straight to Jakarta. To think I have friends who complain about travelling 40 miles to work, they should try my commute!

After getting some good feedback from customers we renewed our BBB status, we wondered if anyone would even notice or care.  Feedback tells us that several thousand customers checked out our status with BBB and over 250 requested reliability reports about us.  As long as our customers see value in us participating with the program, we will continue to participate.  We have an A+ status and as all of customers are aware we strive for excellence and continuous improvement.

We would be delighted to hear from you, give us some feedback and let us know what you would like us to tell you about.  Next month, I will provide some more details on my Norway trip, I will be giving the keynote address at a big Alarm Management Conference and all the attendees will be invited to visit the Borregaard new central control room we designed and hear firsthand from the customer about the revolutionary work that has been done to take this Pulp & Paper Mill into a bright new and profitable future.