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While there are many books out there on alarm management, we’re seeing that many customers are still struggling with doing alarm management correctly and resolving issues. Our gap analyses frequently show that struggling customers do not follow alarm management protocol, important steps are missing, and short cuts are taken. When you reduce the number of alarms, you end up right back at square one with the same issue you were trying to resolve. You have to start again, and there are only so many times you can do that before you want to give up entirely. It’s a lot of wasted money.

It’s crucial for customers to understand why alarm management international standards exist, plus their purposes and benefits. This tutorial will follow the chapters of your book. I’ll be providing you with a history of alarm management best practices, how we’ve identified problems, and the solutions we’ve arrived at. I have many customers that have reached their goal of predictive alarm management, and they are at a place where they’re getting incredible benefits, have stronger and easier control, and are no longer overwhelmed with alarms. I want to inspire you to get there, too.