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High Performance Graphics Workshop

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High Performance Graphics

Optimize your Human-Computer Interface, improve overall situation awareness, reduce operator workload, and help prevent minor deviations from becoming major incidents in this High Performance Graphics Workshop.

UCDS will come to your site to conduct a two-day workshop to review Human-Computer Interface (HMI) Best Practices with key personnel. This is an excellent tool for creating awareness within your organization about the methods that best-in-class facilities are employing to make dramatic improvements in their HMI performance.

The High Performance Graphics Workshop covers the following topics:

  • Industry standards and best practices, including EEMUA 201
  • What are High Performance Graphics?
  • What is a Style Guide?
  • Navigation
  • Display Hierarchy
  • Use of Colors
  • Window Management and Number of Screens
  • Integration of Trend and Alarm Information
  • Integration of Other Information
  • Identification of Specific Display Objects
  • Intra-Display Communication and Coordination
  • Overview Display Design
  • ASM Consortium Effective Human Machine Interface Guidelines (guideline)
  • ISA 101 – Human Machine Interfaces for Process Automation Systems (future standard)
  • API 1165 – Recommended Practice for Pipeline SCADA Displays (recommended practice)
  • NUREG 700 – Human-System Interface Design Review Guidelines (guideline)
  • EEMUA 201 – Process plant control desks utilizing human-computer interfaces: a guide to design, operational, and human computer interface issues (guideline)
  • ISO 11064 part 5

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