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Control Room Design Workshop

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Control Room Design

Is it time to invest in your control room design and control buildings, but you’re not sure where to begin?

Many companies are moving to new, consolidated, centralized control room design, but this can be an expensive, multi-year commitment. One alternative may be to reuse the existing control rooms by undertaking extensive refitting. However, this will almost certainly lead to compromise, and the cost may be close to that of a new building. So, how do you decide the manner in which to proceed?

UCDS can help in the decision process by leveraging our experience, which incorporates our participation in over 100 control room projects across multiple industry sectors around the world.

Workshop Topics

Developing a shared vision by defining the needs and requirements of your organization...

  • What is management’s vision for the site?
  • Who’s in the building and who’s out?
  • What sort of facilities should be included?
  • What types of fatigue countermeasures should be used?
  • What rooms are required?
  • What should the room adjacencies be?
  • What do you do with your existing buildings?

Determining the best locations, number, and style of control room(s)...

  • Safety, environmental, security
  • Local or remote?
  • Single central control room or multiple remote control rooms?
  • Functional layout or theater layout?
  • Within the battery limits or outside?

Reviewing your current practices and how they will be impacted by a new facility...

  • Expectations of operators
  • Organization and culture
  • Impact on existing management systems (procedures, training…)

Identifying areas to improve the operator’s ability to detect, diagnose, and respond to an abnormal situation...

  • Impact and potential re-use of existing console furniture
  • Ergonomics
  • HVAC and lighting
  • Noise control
  • Traffic flow

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