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User Centered Situation Awareness Workshop and Training

The UCDS Situation Awareness workshop covers the following topics:

  • The International Ergonomic Standards for Control Rooms (ISO 11064)
  • What is in an Operating Philosophy
  • Common Control Room Issues including Distractions, Noise, Lighting, and Operator Vigilance
  • Alarm Management and Human Computer Interface (HCI) design.
  • How to design communications for a centralized control building
  • Relationship between CCR and Field Shelter and the RP752 Recommended Practices for Occupancy (if appropriate)
  • How to improve team work, communications and collaboration
  • Console adjacency
  • People – Primary & Secondary
  • Functionality and room adjacency
  • CRIOP – Crisis Intervention and Operability Analysis
  • Documents involved in a Conceptual Design

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