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User Centered Control Building Services

UCDS offers a full line of consulting services to evaluate your current plant condition, make realistic and achievable recommendations for improvement and aid you in implementing our recommendations. An integral part of this line is a set of control room design services that provide guidance at all phases of a building project on industry best practice, standards and regulations. Our control room services are based on the guidance provided by the international standard ISO 11064.

Driven by today’s demands for safer, more reliable, cost effective and efficient operations,control room designs are relying more heavily on automation and centralized supervisory control. The operator, however, has retained a critical role in making these systems work. With our extensive engineering experience, and working relationship with many different architectural firms, we have been involved in over a hundred control room projects ranging from small refit of existing buildings to construction of state of the art distributed and consolidated control rooms.

Currently we offer the following control room services: