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Video – How to Save Time and Money

Unplanned downtime, equipment damage, poor product quality, loss of life, these are just some of the results caused by abnormal situations. Control room operators are the first line of defense when abnormal situations occur, how quickly they identify problems and manage the situation depends on how well we have applied human factors in the work environment and user interfaces. Situation awareness, operator workload, and human factors are the key to successfully managing process upsets.

We are experts in today’s standards and engineering practices that improve operator response. We assess your current situation, identify gaps, and help you implement best practices that improve uptime, quality, and safety.  We provide onsite interactive workshops that inspire change in the control room. We help you achieve your production goals through enhanced situation awareness, communication, and the early detection and prevention of process upsets. Operators have a significant impact on your business, there is no room for error in today’s competitive environment.