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User Centered Situation Awareness Workshop and Training

The UCDS Situation Awareness workshop covers the following topics: The International Ergonomic Standards for Control Rooms (ISO 11064) What is in an Operating Philosophy Common Control Room Issues including Distractions, Noise, Lighting, and Operator Vigilance Alarm Management and Human Computer Interface (HCI) design. How to design communications for a centralized control building Relationship between CCR…

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The Need for Good Situation Awareness

This is an excerpt the the document: Abnormal Situation Awareness The Need for Good Situation Awareness Ian Nimmo, President The goal in designing a control room is to create a work environment that promotes high levels of vigilance and situation awareness. Operators are vigilant when they are alert and prepared to act. They have a…

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Control Room Design

Control Room Design – UCDS continues to help customers with their control rooms.  We have been working on a wide range of control rooms from different industries, different sizes, and minor changes in style.  We have been working with one customer who allowed their architect and Engineering contractor to build the control room.  We are…

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Good Control Rooms Do Not Just Happen

This has been an incredible month so far.  I started the month in Houston at the ISA Awards where I received my Fellow award.  Let me share a little of the experience with you. Citation: In recognition of visionary development of Abnormal Situation Management. Ian Nimmo is President of User Centered Design Services Inc. and…

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