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Learn more about our Staffing Studies

It is extremely important to ensure that when changes to the organization are made the safety of the facility is not compromised. As such we strongly recommend a Management of Organization Change study is undertaken. Based on recent incidents, and subsequent recommendations from investigations such as the Baker report, and legislation, such as that in…

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December News

December News Well, a year has come and gone really fast.  Merry Christmas everyone and best wishes for the New Year. This last month I spent 2 weeks in Hawaii at our alarm management customer’s property in Honolulu.   We spent a lot of time rationalizing alarms and made some significant progress.  We launched our new…

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Control Room Excellence (an overview)

Control Room Excellence begins with a culture that enables operators to achieve best operating results by reacting to process changes before they become problems. Operations Excellence comprises several sub-solutions that focus on improving operational performance to achieve optimal results. From the control room to off-sites material movement, Operations Excellence solutions run the gamut to help…

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Steps in reducing human error

Human error is some that impacts so many areas of operations and effectiveness. We have designed several tools, workshops and assessments to identify where human error is causing the biggest problems in your operations. Here are some steps to reduce human errors include: addressing the conditions and reducing the stressors which increase the frequency of…

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Download resources for alarm management

Did you know that we have several Alarm Management downloadable resources available to you? Alarms Graphic Projects A longer and more detailed version of the Alarm Overload paper – written by Ian Nimmo.  Paper discussing the benefits of Alarm Management and Graphics Projects i.e., focusing on life-cycle characteristics and transitioning to maintaining good alarm management…

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Complete Control Room Solution

Happy New Year to all our friends and clients! We wish you a prosperous New Year and we pray for each of you to enjoy good health. I am starting the year recovering from Achilles heel surgery, which I can tell you is very painful and not recommended. I will be doing PT in the…

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