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ISO 11064 Is Still Crucial in Control Rooms. Here Is Why.

ISO 11064 is the only Ergonomic Standard that comprehensibly addresses the Human Factors and Ergonomics of a control room. The role of the standard is twofold, it addresses the risk to humans through Repetitive Stress Injuries or MSDs which have been identified globally to cost industry more than $508 Billion which includes human error, turnover…

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Achieving Excellence In Operations

Requires Operator Support… Many organizations have appointed a leader to initiate an excellence philosophy for operations and the first thing they discover, improving operations is a major challenge for most managers. Indeed, multiple pressures – competition, more stringent regulation as well as investor and stakeholder expectations – are driving leaders to focus heavily on improving…

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WWTP Operator – The poor cousin? (Award winning paper from David Lee)

WWTP Operator – The poor cousin? Opportunities for Better Control Room Design David Lee MIChemE, CEng1* 1User Centered Design Services Inc., 48412 North Black Canyon Highway, PMB #99, New River, Arizona 85087, USA (*correspondence:, 336.816.1419) KEYWORDS Control Room Design, Human Factors, ISO 11064, Ergonomics, Waste Water ABSTRACT It is an unfortunate fact of life…

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Designing Your Control Room

UCDS has in-depth experience in designing control rooms and modifying existing field shelters. Our process is compliant with the ISO 11064 Ergonomic Design Standard for Control Buildings. We interview management, supervision and a significant group of the operators to understand functional requirements, what works well in the existing environment, and identification and correction of problems…

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