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Steps in reducing human error

Human error is some that impacts so many areas of operations and effectiveness. We have designed several tools, workshops and assessments to identify where human error is causing the biggest problems in your operations. Here are some steps to reduce human errors include: addressing the conditions and reducing the stressors which increase the frequency of…

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Reducing Human Error

Reducing human error involves far more than taking disciplinary action against an individual. There are a range of measures which are more effective controls including design of the job and equipment, procedures, and training. Our Work Team Design Assessment will help not just evolve a new organization and culture but also develop and organizational culture…

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Software to measure the fatigue risk of shift workers

UCDS partnered with Circadian to offer a software tool that allows customers to measure the fatigue risk of shift workers. This allows management to schedule the right workers during the right shift to reduce the risk of a fatigue related incident. Press release: Shift Worker and Fatigue (measuring the Risk) Operator fatigue is a critical…

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