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Staffing & Field Operators

The typical process for performing a Field Operator Staffing Assessment consists of a few preliminary conversations to determine the particulars of the study. We can apply this methodology to a single position, an entire facility or all facilities throughout a Client’s system. The study can be done openly (including interviews with operators), or discretely (with interviews involving only management and supervision) depending on the client’s situation.

As the Client, you will need to provide the following:

  • Basic site data, including the number and type of units, the current operations team structure (who works where and who controls what).

  • A complete set of current P&ID drawings for the Equipment Complexity model. We can use PFDs, but prefer P&IDs. Some consultation with engineering should be budgeted to answer questions relating to the drawings. This is typically not more than a few hours of the Client’s time.

After this initial data is collected and reviewed, we will schedule a site visit to perform the Additional Work Study. The number of UCDS personnel and the duration of the visit will vary depending on the size of the facility and the scope of the study. Site visits typically range from one to two weeks and require two UCDS personnel. During the site visit, UCDS will interview Management, Supervision, Engineering and Operators. These interviews are typically an hour long. We prefer to interview Operators at their duty stations. This puts the operators more at ease, and minimizes scheduling issues and overtime costs for the Client. The Client should plan on a significant number of personnel being interviewed during the visit, and budget the internal cost appropriately.

After the site visit, UCDS will require a short period to analyze the data and generate a report. This report will contain a full analysis of the Client’s field operator positions ranked across the site and benchmarked versus industry. It also will provide suggestions for possible realignments or consolidations. A reasonable number of iterations to examine other possible realignment or consolidation cases of the Clients choice are included in the study.