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SourceGas Pipeline Complies with PHMSA 192.631

The following was written by Bill Stephens of SourceGas.


SourceGas LLC (“SourceGas”) and its subsidiaries serve approximately 425,000 customers and operate over 19,340 miles of natural gas distribution, gathering and transmission pipeline, as well as storage facilities in Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. SourceGas and its subsidiaries also provide gas transportation, in-home HVAC and appliance service and sales, as well as gas commodity sales services to its natural gas customers in many jurisdictions. SourceGas and its predecessor companies have provided natural gas service to small and rural communities for nearly 80 years.

PHMSA 192.631 Control Room Management has code requirements for Alarm Management, Fatigue Mitigation, Management of Change, and Process Management that the company lacked enough appropriate industry knowledge and expertise. Outside guidance was sought to aid in the CRM plan administration and implementation. UCDS came highly recommended from various industry contacts and references.

UCDS performed a gap analysis and made various recommendations and improvements to our CRM plan. Plan has successfully gone through two multistate audits. UCDS brought to the table knowledge and skills in areas that were lacking. Staff now has better guidance and skills on all aspects of Gas Control functions. I would absolutely recommend UCDS!

Bill Stephens
Senior Manager of Codes and Standards