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We are resellers of the Adder KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) Solution!

Connect your Operator, Shift Supervisor, or Operations Manager to any server on the network. With Adder’s Switch, you can simply move your mouse from one screen to the next and control any DCS or SCADA system without leaving your seat. Only one keyboard and mouse is needed to access multiple 4K video systems from a single Switch.

The switch enables anyone to connect USB and Audio from multiple computers to a single keyboard and mouse. It also enables the ability to have the audio follow the mouse from computer to computer, mix the audio from all sources, or to have the audio from one computer always on.

Basic Configuration Diagram:


Just move your mouse from one screen to the next and you’re controlling a completely different DCS or SCADA server.


Adder is a global leader in high-performance connectivity solutions that deliver secure management and instantaneous control of high-resolution video systems and applications. Whether your requirements necessitate an IP KVM, direct-connect KVM, or AV extension solution, Adder is ready to meet your project’s needs.

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