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September 2008 – Handbook

The High Performance HMI Handbook – The First Ever Comprehensive Guide

The High Performance HMI Handbook, jointly authored by PAS and User Centered Design Services (UCDS) is the first and only comprehensive book to detail the need, the design, and the implementation of an optimal Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for process operators and the automation systems used to control complex process operations. Click here to view a detailed Table of Contents.

Poorly designed HMIs are common and have often been cited as contributing factors to major industrial accidents. The High Performance HMI Handbook aims to help mitigate these risks by providing the tools for assessment, justification and planning of a high performance HMI solution. 

The control room HMI is a core element of an effective plant operations situational awareness strategy and key to safety and reliability,” according to Kevyn Renner,  Senior Technology Consultant, Control & Information Systems, at Chevron Global Manufacturing.  “The processing industries have been in need of a comprehensive body of knowledge that provides best practices for effective operator HMIs since the advent of Distributed Control Systems in the mid-1970’s, and this handbook now fills the gap.

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