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Operators Can Operate at 100% Capacity (Optimization Means Money)

Arnold Oliver of Worsley Alumina challenged his process control group to improve process efficiency. The goal was to get operators to set setpoints closer to the maximum process capacity. To achieve this, operators needed an environment that was optimized. Operator effectiveness was the major focus for changes that proved to provide significant returns on their investment.

User Centered Design Services applied human factors and focused on situation awareness to help Worseley achieve their goals. Ever wonder how to get management to provide resources to change the way you operate? Read Arnold Oliver’s story here.


“Operators are the pilots of the process – So we give them wings”

UCDS is a Control Room Human Factors Company with 100 years of combined expertise in control room operations. Our design services help operators detect, diagnose, and respond to abnormal situations so they can run at 100% capacity.