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New Workshop on PHMSA Rule

We want to wish our friend’s and customers a very Merry Christmas and thank you all for putting your trust in us.  It was a very different year with a lot of firsts for us.  We also transitioned leadership from CCE back to me, which was a huge step for me.

We wish CCE best wishes and thank them for their continued friendship this year and into the future.  We continue to build our relationship with Jack Pankoff and Doug Rothenberg and look forward to a series of new workshops together in the New Year focused around the Pipeline Industry and the new PHMSA rule.  We will be offering public and private workshops.

I recently did a front end assessment for a Houston Pipeline Company investigating their readiness for meeting the legislation.  This is a Human Factors ruling and we are the best company to help customers meet these new requirements.  We have invested a lot of time and resources and research into Fatigue Mitigation and have 20 years’ experience in practical solutions for industry.

I will be launching a booklet on educating your shift workers on fatigue and coping with shifts and how to help their family support them.  We have a full complement of services that addresses every part of the PHMSA regulation and, working together with my colleagues, we have a great solution.

I am getting mentally prepared for a very cold start to 2011.  I have a lot of proposal out in some very cold places and I think I am going to be tested.  So, if anyone who lives in a warm place needs some work please call real soon.

This last year, we have worked on a lot of control rooms and have seen some magnificent examples for the industry being commissioned and are now functioning as planned.  We did a lot of staffing assessments and MOOC’s and have improved a lot of our customers HMI’s.  Again, congratulations to Southern Company who did a great implementation, you make us proud.

It was a real high for us seeing the success at Borregaard in Norway who made many changes including a fabulous control room, and major staffing changes.  You will be a light to the Pulp & Paper industry and Bio Refining.

It has been a good year for standard’s.  My good friend, Maurice Wilkins, has done a good job leading ISA SP 101 HMI standard and together with the section leaders is making progress towards a very much needed standard.

Donald Dunn and Nick Sands also continued their determined effort to resolve the industries alarm management practices and through their dedication the industry is benefitting. I look forward to working with all of you in 2011.

This last year I have worked in several European countries which I find stimulating, the Europeans are really trying to get it right.  I was disappointed not to get any Australian work, I miss Australia and all my good friends in that Country.

I look forward to being in Beaumont, Texas in early January for another control room improvement and some work in the Houston area, before hitting the cold climates.

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and a very prosperous New Year, we all need a good one this next year.

Best wishes from everyone at UCDS, Inc.