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March – 2009

The High Performance HMI Book is so successful we have launched a 2 day workshop on High Performance HMI.  The workshop is practical and will review your graphics on the second day and make helpful suggestions to improve your HMI.

We ran a webcast a few weeks ago detailing part of the workshop and this has created such a demand that we are now offering an on-site workshop with copies of the book to our customers.

The workshop is by people who have implemented HMI design on DCS and SCADA Systems, not by people who have never built a graphic, or implemented a system design.  Today, we talk to clients who have been disappointed because they have invested good money in this subject and been disappointed.  We recommend you always ask who the presenter is and what is their real world experience, have they ever built graphics on a real job.

The services of UCDS are based on a combined 100 years experience in the processing industries and, as such, we believe this add that real world perspective to the projects we undertake.

The workshop will be led by UCDS President, Ian Nimmo.  Ian has over 40 years experience in the Processing Industry and has over 25 years as an Instrument/Electrical Engineer implementing control systems for major companies.  He was a founder of the ASM Consortium, the Program Director through the Research not the product development phase, and Senior Engineering Fellow for Honeywell.  Since 2000, he has been running User Centered Design Services delivering Human Factor solutions to the world.

We are so confident that this will be a success we guarantee it!

Our workshop follows the book contents:

•    Lessons in Situation Awareness
•    The history and current status of the Industrial HMI
•    Fundamentals of HMI Design and Best Practices
•    Design & Implementation of a High Performance HMI
•    Control Rooms, Abnormal Situation Management, and the Future of the Industrial HMI
•    Large Screen Design Philosophy
•    Review of HMI designs a practical review of your plant.

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