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Launch of CenterHFE

Dear Colleagues,

Next week we launch the first meeting of CenterHFE, it has been a hard start with Tax Registration delays, wish I hadn’t used the term “Tea Party” as you all know that means tea and biscuits to me, but maybe something else to others! Only joking.

The email and website issues and getting people signed up for the first workshop has been tough, with a lot of our standard customers being busy this month with turnarounds and other commitments. However, next Tuesday is launch day.


We will have renowned World Expert Jim Philips to come and talk to us about human error in the electrical business.
We have a number of companies signed up to participate in the research, and we launch as an International Consortium the same day.
We have UK and Norway and the USA so that’s a great start to world domination in my book 😉

Unfortunately Jack Pankoff will not be doing the workshop with me, which is a great loss to the Center, however, I have all the presentations ready for prime time next week, maybe not quite today LOL.
We will be using the Lin & Associates office building 11811 N. Tatum Blvd. Training Center Room 1075 next Tuesday – Thursday. Thursday morning we will wrap up the workshop and launch CHFE. We have one proposal for a Research project associated with High Performance HMI which will be a good start to the Center.

At the end of the month the Center will be presenting a paper on “Human Side Of Human Error” by Ian Nimmo & David Lee at the AFPM Conference in Florida.

At our next future meeting we will be electing Board members to direct the Research program, this week is just the launch and I will answer any questions on membership and how we will fund research programs.
The research will be focused on Human Factor issues and this first workshop takes an in-depth look at James Reason’s book “Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents” every participant will get a free copy of this book which I consider one of the most important books on this topic. Everyone has heard of his “Swiss Cheese Model” and we will be talking about it a lot.

Best wishes