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June 2009

We are excited about our new partnership with Lin & Associates (see Upcoming Events/Press & Media).  During May, we held a two-day workshop to review our common understanding of Best Practices for High Performance HMI, and we will be exploiting out strengths on future projects.  This allows both companies to provide one common solution and avoids messy non-disclosure agreements by our customers.

I want to thank Husky Energy/Lima Refinery for bringing us together.  We have worked on the same projects before but separately.  Our partnering will allow us to provide a common solution and ensure the customer is getting the best solution.

Dave is still working on our Green Control Room projects and a very large Video Display Wall in the Northeast, while Rusty has been preparing a new Management of Organizational Change update.

We all have been working on our new website and are excited that we have had visitors from 27 countries in 24 days. The site now contains an automatic translation tool into many different languages so our foreign visitors can read most of the site in their native language.

We now have the capability to launch videos and interface with Facebook and Youtube.   Our website is media compatible and you can now browse in confidence from your phone or PDA.

We also are working with our good friend Jack Pankoff who is launching his new company Production Excellence Inc. and new workshop which will be in Denver on August 5-7, 2009.  We wish Jack every success and are glad he is back in circulation again.  We look forward to working with Jack as we have done in the past.

I have just returned from Birmingham, Alabama.   I was meeting with a great team interested in the new High Performance HMI and I look forward to working with them in the near future.  Tomorrow I fly to Norway again; I will be continuing our work on the Pulp & Paper Mill near Oslo and visiting my good friends Mark & Marie Green.  Stay tuned for updates and photos….