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Join us July 13th in Houston Texas

On July 13th, Chris, Steve W., and I will be hosting a 1-day event in Houston, Texas. There, we will provide a tour of the latest control room furniture options, demoing sit-stand features and a smart keyboard for the operator to access multiple networks with a single interface. We will explain our 6-Step Methodology for High-Performance Control Room Operations. We will also cover each phase of a typical control room remodel project, show large screen displays, and provide guidance on lighting and fatigue mitigation. A high-performance control room achieves Situational Awareness from the environment, workstation, and user interfaces. This event is free! You would need to arrive on Monday, and the tour and presentations start Tuesday. We are hoping to have 20 to 30 participants from multiple companies and industries. We will have a very much-needed question and answer session. This allows you to hear what others have done to improve operations and how they are getting the most out of their shift workers. Please let me know if I can pencil you in as a potential guest. I really hope you can make it.

Best wishes from Austin, TX