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How the Safety and the Automation Systems finally come together as an HMI

By Ian Nimmo
User Centered Design Services Inc.

Today we have clear guidelines on how the Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and basic Process Control Systems (BPCS) should be separated from a controls and network perspective. But what does this mean to the HMI and the control room design?

Where do Fire & Gas Systems fit into the big picture and what about new Security and Environmental monitoring tasks?

What does the Instrument Engineer needs to know about operators and how systems communicate with them?

The evolution of the control room continues as Large Screen Displays provide a big picture view of multiple systems. Do rules and guidelines exist for this aspect of independent protection layers? What are today’s best practices for bringing these islands of technology together.

This paper will review the topic and provide advice on a subject on which the books remain silent. Today’s practices are haphazard and left to individuals without a systematic design or guidance.

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