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Control Room Management Compliance

The Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA) Control Room Management (CRM) rule requires pipeline operators to create written procedures for the control room. This is a great opportunity for pipeline operators to go beyond compliance requirements and implement operating best practices that significantly enhance reliability and safety.

To effectively achieve and exceed compliance with CRM rules, we offer high performance SCADA displays and alarm management engineering documents and project facilitation. Our approaches are focused on our Situational Awareness and Human factors philosophies.

Situational awareness (SA) provides controllers with a big picture of the operating condition of the assets for which they are responsible. This typically includes both safety (pressure) and operating (deliverability) parameters. Displays and alarms are engineered to bring clear presentation of abnormal operating conditions so that controllers maintain SA and minimize visual and cognitive load.

Controllers can successfully operate as long as situational awareness is maintained and human factors have been incorporated into the design of the work environment, tools, and procedures. If situational awareness is compromised, meaning the controller is out of the loop, then the controller must return operations to a safe operating condition.

Our alarm and human machine interface solutions provide advance notice of approaching abnormal operating conditions, and incorporate procedures that enable controllers to efficiently and effectively return to a normal operating condition.

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