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Control Room Excellence (an overview)

Control Room Excellence begins with a culture that enables operators to achieve best operating results by reacting to process changes before they become problems. Operations Excellence comprises several sub-solutions that focus on improving operational performance to achieve optimal results. From the control room to off-sites material movement, Operations Excellence solutions run the gamut to help eliminate preventable events caused by sub-optimal control performance, increase production and energy efficiency, enable accurate operations monitoring, and so much more. Among the benefits to users are improved profitability, better decision-making, decreased costs and safer, more reliable operations. The working environment must promote situational awareness, prediction, and guide operators to proper corrective action for all possible situations in enough time to prevent loss of any kind. Information, communication, and training must be designed around human factors and ergonomics. User centered design should reduce abnormal situations and time to manage. Every control room should have a control room excellence philosophy document that defines the guidelines for optimum situation awareness and high performance.