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What’s the biggest threat to the control room today? It’s not physical threats to the building or to the plant. What we’ve discussed with security experts around the world is that one of the greatest threats is an operator’s family being taken hostage. An operator is given directions to drive a plant into ground, to bypass all the safety systems and cause the biggest mess that can be made. That’s the greatest threat. How do we deal with that?

What programs are in place today to address that issue? What you’ll find is, there are none. Security is a unique topic. Yes, we need to talk about the physical aspects of security, but we also need to talk about the personal ones. The ones that impact people. We need to talk about the bad little practices people have like badging into a room or a door, and letting somebody behind them walk in without badging in. That’s a bad practice.

All of our UCDS team have actually been through security training; we all have security certificates from being trained in this specific area. When we do a control room project, we apply that knowledge. We meet with your security people, and we ask them questions. During that question and answer session, we basically help them understand that they still have some vulnerability in their existing security system. We figure out how we can actually help enhance and protect the control room from potential threats.

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