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Management of Organizational Change

One of the things that the Management of Organizational Change program does for our customers is that it lets you look at how you’re doing things today. Often, we find that when we do one of these studies on an existing organization, we find gaps and flaws, and it’s not unusual for us to find one or two safety implications. There are a lot of operability benefits that can come from going about things a little differently.

Management of Organization Change starts with your existing organization. It looks at your emergency procedures, and how your organization works through those procedures to bring the plant to a safe or a shutdown state. We then look at the impact of any change, whether it’s a change to the way you’re doing the training, or a change to the control system, or a change from different control rooms. Basically, we run the scenarios again and try to end up with a solution that’s at least as good as what we’ve got today — ideally better than what we’ve got today.

As we apply this methodology, we often find there are little things missing, and just by doing some minor changes, we can make dramatic improvements in the way we do those jobs. One of the things we do as a company is provide documentation and training for your people. We train chairmen, secretaries, participants of the study, etc. And if you don’t have the resources, we will actually come in and chair and take the notes for you on the Management of Organization Change program.

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