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Webinar – Alarm Management Per the New IEC62682 Standard (New Rationalization Method)

Webinar – Alarm Management Per the New IEC62682 Standard (New Rationalization Method)

The recent IEC 62682 Standard lays out a business procedure for the lifetime management of process alarms: You should attend this webinar if:

Your plant is planning or considering an alarm rationalization project to ensure it complies with the new Standard. This may be an activity planned within a larger Control Room modernization or DCS replacement project.

Your plant is planning an alarm improvement project to address alarm performance issues during normal and/or flood operation.

Your plant currently has a long-running alarm rationalization or alarm improvement project experiencing diminishing returns from the time it is consuming.

Your plant recently completed an alarm rationalization or alarm improvement project only to be told by Operations that while the new alarms are different their overall performance is much the same.

A new method for alarm rationalization is long overdue. The root cause of all the problems above was the lack of understanding of how alarm limits related to process behavior compounded by the limited information available in the alarm log which was, until now, the near-universal information source for alarm performance reporting and rationalization.

Our partner PPCL has a new Geometric Process Control method for alarm rationalization. This method addresses all the issues above by relating alarm limit values to each other and to the process behavior so that you can work on many variables at once, saving a ton of time during alarm review meetings. It uses the information-rich process history data you already have in PI, IP21, PHD or any other process historian instead of the alarm log so is able to predict alarm performance while you are rationalizing. Not only will you and your colleagues get to the end of your projects much faster with better alarm limits but you and they will also avoid that sickening sensation of later being told that while your alarms are different overall performance is not much changed.

Our partner will be giving a free 1-hour webinar showing how all this is achieved on January 14th 2015 AND pre-viewing the new Alarm Forensics features of CVE 2.7. The Alarm Forensics feature allows you to investigate and fix alarm anomalies and any alarm floods remaining after you have rationalized. They will also make the rationalization itself even faster and less labor-intensive than ever. Phillips 66 described the results they obtained of using our method via our CVE product. A recording of their webinar and the long discussion that followed can be viewed on our website<>

Another recording that you will find linked from the PPCL website is the presentation given at the recent Emerson Exchange Conference by John Rezabek of Ashland ISP following his initial use of the method during an alarm rationalization project.

Register: Wednesday January 14th 4PM (10am central time)

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