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ALARMS are a major challenge to the processing industry, you can’t function without them and you can’t function with them. Alarms are required to bring an operator’s attention to a pending consequence which could involve harm to people, damage to equipment, processing errors impacting production, quality and cost, and may impact the environment. Hence, the alarm is designed to prevent these consequences. For the alarm to work effectively it must have a known response from an operator, and the operator must have sufficient time to respond to the alarm mitigating the consequences that the alarm is preventing.

Unfortunately, alarms are generated by instruments that fail, which generates thousands of false alarms overloading the operators view to all the alarms, alarms often have a domino effect which floods the alarm summary and prevents operators from responding to urgent alarms. And this is only the beginning. Take a deeper dive into Alarm Management in this book by industry expert Ian Nimmo and his team at User Centered Design Services.

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