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ACRNA Conference | Keynote Speaker: Ian Nimmo

ACRNA 2023 Conference: Brisbane, Australia
Meeting the needs of future control rooms

In 2023 we will be back in Brisbane with many opportunities to visit new control rooms, and to revisit some of our colleagues from 2016 to see the transitions they have made and to consider our own strategies, preparedness, planning and foresight. The ACRNA organizers have locked in a number of important South East Queensland control rooms across many industries and sectors.
Opportunities are still open and we invite you to host Members to your control room. The conference is going to be rich in opportunities for Members to talk about their experiences, share lessons, and exchange strategies. 


Field Operations

Keynote Speaker: Ian Nimmo

Ian worked at Imperial Chemicals Industries (ICI) Ltd for 20 years as an Instrument/Electrical Engineer and Computer Applications Manager for the whole of Teesside Operations.
In 1991 he immigrated to the USA, working as a Senior Engineering Fellow and Program Director for the most extensive research organization involving multiple energy companies researching Abnormal Situations Management in the ASM Consortium for ten years, gaining experience in Human Factors and Ergonomics and everything within control rooms.

In 2000 he established User Centered Design Services Inc., delivering best practices in Control Room Designs. He wrote the High-Performance HMI and Alarm Management Handbook and has been involved in the ISA and IEC Standards. In 2020 he was inducted into the Automation Hall of Fame. He is a Senior Life Fellow with ISA and a Member of the HFES and NSPEng.

Ian will set us on our way on the theme of the conference and bring insights from a professional career in control rooms.