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6 Step to Achieve High Performance Control Room


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This is a 6 Step methodology where each step, starting with number 1, feeds into number 2, and so on. After each of the 5 steps are complete, all the information and design changes are rolled into step 6! This is an integrated methodology that promotes high-performance operations in the control room. 

Steps 1-6 are integrated. They apply human factors and user-centered design. The foundation for a higher-performing control room is Situational Awareness, achieved by understanding human limitations, human strengths, and understanding the job of the operator. While many companies tackle each step as an independent project with independent goals, we strongly recommend you look at the big picture. Visualize how each step correlates into the next and how the final control room design takes shape. Start with the number of people using the room, the information displayed, how it’s displayed, and where and how people will work. Then you can design a room to support the end goal. 

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This is a 6 Step methodology where each step feeds into the next just like the control room methodology, but in this case, the foundation is Conduct of Operations and Operational Discipline. Each step has a supported standard (an actual document) and the operators use management systems that are best in class. This method promotes Operational Discipline which is a highly desired performance result and where your operators are Always Doing the Job Right.