UCDS experts will conduct an onsite, two-day workshop to review Alarm Management Best Practices with key site personnel. This is an excellent tool to create awareness within your organization on the methods that best-in-class facilities are employing to make dramatic improvement in the performance of their alarm systems. The Alarm Management Best Practices Workshop covers the following topics:
  • Industry standards and best practices including EEMUA 191, IEC 62682 and ISA-18.2
  • What is in an Alarm Philosophy
  • Alarm Objective Analysis
  • Alarm Rationalization
  • Alarm Lifecycle Management
  • Alarm Rates
  • Alarm Distribution
  • Nuisance Alarms
  • Smart Alarming
  • Alarm Priorities and Annunciation
  • Alarm Statistic Gathering and Analysis
For additional information, or to book a workshop, please e-mail us at:  sales@mycontrolroom.com