We focus on Human Factors and Ergonomics

User Centered Design Services Inc. specializes in control room design. We focus on Human Factors and Ergonomics but we add our extensive experience of plant operations and Automation System to the design.

In the past, control rooms where designed by architects and builders focused on equipment storage and people were not fully considered in the design, we have many control rooms around the world without basic people facilities such as bathrooms, kitchens or training rooms. The environmental controls were set for equipment not people, and many bad habits have been adopted.

Our focus is on designing control rooms that shape people’s behavior, to avoid accidents by reducing human error which is the biggest contribution to plant outages and losses. Our designs involve engineering discipline, human factor/ergonomic design with a blend of many years of operations experience and knowledge of Operational Excellence and Operations’ Best Practices.

We provide control room studies to help you understand how many control rooms you need, where they should be located and what style of control room will facilitate your operations. We then focus on securing your building and meeting today’s rigorous demands for anti-terrorism.

We provide Ergonomic Conceptual Designs compliant with ISO 11064 Ergonomic Design of Control Centers, we provide 5 reports which form an Operations Philosophy, not just control room designs. In so doing, we address the whole building, the operations, the management systems, the people selection, training and competencies.

We provide console design services and integration of the design into High Performance HMI. To provide the details of delivering the HP HMI we start by providing workshops on Situation Awareness, Guidelines and development of High Performance HMI Philosophy, HP HMI Style Guide and Toolkit. To complement this we also provide a full range of alarm management services including a detailed alarm philosophy compliant to ISA Standards and in harmony with the HP HMI Philosophy.

We then will provide Detailed Design of the Control Suite, again to the ISO 11064 standard, providing in-depth specification of lighting, and temperature and environmental controls by specifying HVAC requirements. We provide guidance and specification on control room acoustics and good communications practices including detailed shift change. The detail design is architect ready and as part of our service we stay with the project through construction, reviewing architectural drawings and specifications. We also provide quality review of building services and at the end of the project we can provide a comprehensive Verification & Validation Service as described in the ISO 11064 specification and CRIOP Methodology.

Our services do not end there; we get involved in providing modern and best practice management systems including Fatigue Risk Management System and complementary procedures, software tools and fatigue countermeasures. We can develop training manuals and materials, Procedural Systems, and facilitate Management of Organizational Change, that complements our detailed operator/supervisor workload assessments. UCDS is the go to company for control room design, upgrades, enhancements, and operator effectiveness.