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* A UCDS Briefs Package

* Alarm Management Services Brief
We offer a complete line of services to improve the performance of your plant alarm system. Through a detailed assessment of your alarm management philosophy and alarm management practices we identify opportunities and methods to reduce standing and nuisance alarms, resulting in fewer operator errors. This, in turn, leads to reductions in near misses, incidents and accidents.

* Biography & Bibliography
A brief background on our principal members and a detailed listing of publications

* Console Operator Staffing Assessment
We evaluate the number of console operators and workload for each, benchmarking each versus the site, industry and Best Practice. We then make recommendations for rationalization.

* Control Building Conceptual Design
We conduct a high-level look at new or retrofit control building projects to ensure that all the site needs are considered and Best Practices are incorporated into the design. We develop an overall scope, vision and direction for the project.

* Control Building Detail Design
Through a detailed look at specific issues for a new or retrofit control building projects we generate a document that will enable any Architect to design a control building which incorporates Best Practices.

* Engineering Services
We offer these additional engineering services to meet our client’s needs:

* Field Operating Staffing Assignment
We evaluate the number of field operators and workload for each, benchmarking them versus the site, industry and Best Practice. We then make recommendations for rationalization.

* Field Shelter Design
Using a functional requirements approach we develop user centered designs for new and retrofit field shelters, along with a ±30% cost estimate.

* How The Pieces Fit
A discussion of how UCDS’ services come together within a facility to achieve Operations Excellence

* Human Computer Interface Services
We offer a complete line of services to improve the performance of your plants human-computer interface. In our detailed assessment of your control information philosophy and practices, we evaluate the number of screens necessary for operation and the quality of the information presented. Poorly designed graphics can increase the mental workload of operators by 10% and the time required to detect significant information by more than 25%.

* Management of Organizational Change Services
We educate and train the client on a methodology to implement staffing realignments and consolidation, while ensuring that safety and reliability are not compromised.

* Management System Gap Analysis
We compare site management systems in detail to Best Practices and identify improvement opportunities. This is the same study that each ASMC member company has completed as part of their membership fee.

* Situational Awareness Workshop
We offer a full line of consulting services to evaluate your current plant condition, make realistic and achievable recommendations for improvement, and aid you in implementing our recommendations. As an introduction to the subject of Abnormal Situation Management and how we address the associated issues, we have developed a two day workshop.

* UCDS Corporate Brief
An overview of our company and capabilities

* Work Team Design Assessment
We assess the overall structure of the Operating Department and make recommendations for improvements.