Style Guide


Does the following seem familiar?

  • Your operators claim they need 10 screens to operate the plant

  • Your graphics look cluttered

  • Your graphics are more colorful than a carnival

  • During an abnormal situation are your operators rapidly jumping between screens searching for the information they need

  • Your graphics developed page-for-page from the P&ID’s

  • Your graphics do not incorporate the latest research into cognitive processing

Do you realize a poor human-machine interface can actually prevent your operators from responding to abnormal situations properly, costing you lost production, equipment damage, and possible injuries?

A Style Guide is a document that specifies the parameters for the HCI. It covers items which govern the look and feel of the user displays such as:

  • Navigation
  • Display Hierarchy
  • Use of Colors
  • Window Management and Number of Screens
  • Integration of Trend and Alarm Information
  • Integration of Other information
  • Identification of Specific Display Objects
  • Intra-Display Communication and Coordination
  • Overview Display Design

It works in conjunction with the Object Library to develop control system displays.

The Object Library is a combination of written documents and computer code that define the actual symbols, or objects, used on the displays. The Object Library is typically purchased from the control system vendor, or it can be commissioned from a system implementer.

Service Description

We will develop a comprehensive Human-Machine Interface Style Guide customized for use at your site. This Style Guide document will be tailored for use at the site to set policy around future implementation, use, and maintenance of the HMI system.

This service begins with a three day site visit to interview stakeholders in the HMI system. UCDS will then generate a draft Style Guide document for Client review.

UCDS will then put on a two day workshop at your site to educate key personnel on the content and proper implementation of the Style Guide.
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